I have been teaching children art since 1988 and have worked with schools to create arts education classes. I love coming up with an idea for a project, developing a curriculum, and most importantly, sharing it with children in their classroom. If you have an idea and want to discuss having me visit your school as an artist in residence please contact me.


Bamboo Kite Project, Emmerson Elementary School

One of the kindergarten classes at Emmerson Elementary spend several weeks studying bamboo. As part of their study I was invited in to teach them about bamboo as a growing plant and as a art material. Through a power point lecture, seeing physical samples, and then doing a bamboo project, the students gained knowledge about bamboo. What I loved was the students eagerness to learn through asking questions! I created stamps out of bamboo cut up into different sizes and shapes. Students were given the opportunity to use these stamps to create a bamboo forest composition. They glued split bamboo frames onto their pictures after seeing my bamboo splitting and strip making demonstration. The next day we spent time tying the kites together on a bamboo framework, creating a giant kite to hang in the school. Students learned two quick and easy ways to bind bamboo together. Although I did not have time to answer everyone’s questions (boy were there a lot!) I did answer all of them through an email later.

Emmerson Kite Project

The “Be Kind” Project

This project was only possible with volunteers and staff from the Aloha Huber Park school community. Councilors and I decided on the theme words for our project. Trained volunteers helped by pre-stringing cardboard looms. Students learned about the history of weaving and its uses in the modern world through a power point lecture. Students from kindergarten to 5th grade learned how to tapestry weave using a the cardboard looms through two classroom visits where I and other volunteers taught the skill. Students were allowed to work on their weavings during free time in class. Some teachers really loved the students spending free time doing this. After the second visit I and other volunteers took the small tapestries off the looms, tied them together, and applied them to canvases. Some of this process could have be done by the older students if time had allowed, however the volunteers and I finished the project that now hangs in the school cafeteria.

Childrens Be Kind Project

Children’s Day bamboo fan making workshop

Once a year Portland’s Japanese Garden has a large Children’s Day celebration. In 2019 I guided about 90 children over the course of three hours to make a bamboo and paper fan. I had some great assistants who helped keep supplies in check and so many happy kids and adults.I’ve also taught this simple class at the Pacific Northwest American Bamboo Society’s Bamboo Festival every year.