In house artist in residence

Schedule a group or private class in my 900 square foot studio. All the tools needed are on site except a few small hand tools I ask students to bring. The benefit of an onsite class is that you get to see demonstrations using my specialized tools, the studio set-up, and all the artwork stored there. Learn more or schedule a class here


Group classes

I do have two classes a year in the studio. This is a chance to come learn with others about bamboo. For those who cannot afford a 1 on 1 class or love learning in a group environment this is a good option.

Off site classes

During non-pandemic times, two or three times a year, I travel to teach someplace amazing!

I design the class, pack a load of tools and materials in several suitcases, and then find myself teaching some really wonderful people. The learning, sharing of ideas, brainstorming, and good meals that happen are some of the highlights in my career as an artist. A few years ago I was in Hawaii at the Donkey Mill Art Center teaching teens and adults all about bamboo. If you have a group interested in learning bamboo please let me know. (contact button) See my teaching resume (link) if you are interested in where I have taught in the past. If you have a school or studio you want me to come teach at please fill out a contact form. I’ll be happy to discuss details with you. Workshops can be tailor made to fit time, audience, and the type of facility.Contact Link

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