As a special treat after the day of filming I was taken to Hanna Beppu, an elaborate hotel with an Onsen. The place was so visually appealing and one has a sense of peace. relaxation, and wonder when stepping through the front door.

The hotel has a elegant entrance with a long stone paved walkway.










The circles in the weaving are used in baskets to make the base of a basket, called a Rinko weave.

At the entrance of the hotel I was warmly greeted and taken to see a bamboo screen made of over 10,000 bamboo strips woven into rinko (ring) designs that become a random weave. About 15 twelve by twelve foot panels stretched across the lobby. The idea for the design was based on the sun rising over Beppu bay, which has an extraordinary view. The hotel has many bamboo features in the lobby, hallways, hotel rooms, and in the onsen. Hanna Beppu has been open for 5 years, and with the way one feels after a stay there, I am sure they will be open for many more.

Artwork in the lobby

Another view of the lounge area within the lobby, which looks out onto a traditional garden with a pond.

One of the many details, a bamboo tray for paper and pen, along with rattan random woven around a glass stone

A piece of bamboo holding up the glass desk top at the entrance of the hotel. Bamboo is everywhere.

A place to make tea in the room, with local sweet treats and local juice. The closet contains slippers and other things needed to relax and enjoy the onsen.

A handmade wooden stool and a unique ceramic tissue paper vessel graced the bathroom. The handmade quality of so many items appealed to the craftsman in me.


An amazing breakfast with several different pickled dishes, seaweed in a bamboo warming box, mackerel, tea, juice, and a buffet of soup, rice, and other treats. It was beautiful as well as yummy!

Another piece hanging in the hotel lobby.

I was not able to photograph the inside of the Onsen, but this is the entrance to the women’s spa. Look at all the bamboo!

The main room had random woven bamboo screens and a small table with cushions on top of tatami mats.




The Onsen had an area to bath before entering the pools. There were three pools, two indoors of different temperatures and one outside lines with natural stones, surrounded by a bamboo privacy fence. Bamboo accent lighting was a great detail. I would love to show you images of the Onsen but it was forbidden to take images. You might just have to visit yourself.